Respirator Mask FFP2


  • 20 Masks / Pack
  • Fine particle mask
  • Protects against coarse and fine dust particles
  • Elastic rubber straps
  • FFP2
  • N95
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Respirator Face Mask FFP2 / N95


FFP2 Respirator Mask for protection against non-poisonous, as well as against water based and non-flowing particles. These protective masks have a high filtering capacity with very low breathing resistance. The flexible nose strap on these dust masks minimizes entry of undesired air.


Product Details for FFP2 Respirator Mask

  • Class FFP2 D NR , EN149 , NIOSH
  • Filtration Efficiency  ≥94%
  • Norm EN 149:2001+A:2009
  • Protects against dust and non-flowing particles
  • High filtering capacity and low breathing resistance
  • Easily foldable
  • With elastic rubber straps
  • Flexible nose strap
  • Skin friendly
  • Non-abrasive
  • Made with no health damaging materials
  • Non-transparent
  • No valve
  • 1 Pack with 20 masks

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FFP2, N95

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Respirator Mask FFP2


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