Bowie & Dick Test


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  • Ready-to-use test packet
  • Results displayed via color change
  • For testing the minimum temperature in autoclaves
  • Complies with EN-ISO 11140-4
  • Indicators are free of heavy metals
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Bowie & Dick Test

The Bowie Dick test complies with DIN EN ISO 11140-40 and is used for daily checking of air removal and steam penetration in the autoclave. The purpose of the function test is to ensure that sterilization takes place under the desired conditions. The test is user-friendly and results can be read immediately.

To check performance, the Dick Test is placed in the empty chamber of the steam sterilizer and the autoclave test programmed is started. The Bowie-Dick test pack simulates a tightly pressed 7 kg laundry pack and contains a chemical indicator that reacts to the presence of steam. Depending on the steam quality, this leads to a corresponding discoloration, which can be read from the enclosed color sample card.

The indicators are free of heavy metals. In addition, the test is odorless and does not stain. The color change is irreversible to prevent any errors in reading.

Product Details

  • Bowie & Dick test
  • Compliant with EN 11140-4
  • Ready-to-use test packet
  • For quality control of medical steam sterilizers
  • Checks air removal and steam penetration
  • Results read based on color change
  • Odor-neutral
  • Color does not fade
  • Indicators contain no heavy metals
  • Color change is irreversible
  • Completely recyclable
  • 1 pack

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Bowie & Dick Test

Bowie & Dick Test