Hartmann Lactated Ringer’s Solution


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  • 500 ml lactated Ringer’s solution
  • With sodium-, potassium- calcium chloride and sodium lactate
  • For intravascular application
  • As a carrier medium for intravenous medication
  • 1 Package with 10 PE infusion bottles
Guaranteed usable until: 30/11/2025
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Hartmann Lactated Ringer’s Solution

Hartmann Ringer’s lactate solution is a crystalloid full electrolyte solution with sodium, potassium, calcium chloride and sodium lactate, which can be used, for example, as a volume substitute. In patients with acid-base balance disorders, Ringer’s lactate may counteract non-respiratory acidosis, although hypernatremia should be avoided. Additionally, Ringer’s lactate is well suited as a carrier medium for intravenous medication.

Product Details

  • Ringer’s lactate infusion solution
  • Hartmann Ringer’s solution
  • Na 130 mmol/l
  • K 5,4 mmol/l
  • Ca 0.91 mmol/l
  • Cl 112 mmol/l
  • Lactate ions 27 mmol/l
  • In a practical PE bottle
  • 10 x 500 ml

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Hartmann Lactated Ringer’s Solution

Hartmann Lactated Ringer's Solution